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GRE Red & Blue Bible 7.0

GRE Red & Blue Bible helps us improve our English vocabulary for the GRE test
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GRE Red & Blue Bible provides an English course that is specifically designed for students who wish to improve their English for the preparation to the GRE test. This program can help us learn and train our English vocabulary and pronunciation. This application offers two ways of memorizing the vocabulary: the "free” mode, and the "curve of forgetting” mode, which is based in the learning method developed by Hermann Ebbinghaus about two centuries ago. In the last mode, we are allowed to create our own learning plans and accommodate them to the time we can spend studying, the number of words we want to learn every day, etc. The user interface displays all the options/settings within the main window so that we can easily activated/deactivated them. When learning vocabulary, we can find a word displayed at a time, its pronunciation, and a brief description in English. Optionally, we can view its translation into Chinese. Sometimes the word is accompanied by both its antonym and homonym. This program features a good quality audio pronunciation. As for the rest, we can find richer learning materials (definition, homonym, and antonym) out in the Internet, although we must know where to look for. In fact, the material contained in this program has been collected from the Internet. There is a free trial version.

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  • Free trial
  • Uninstall option


  • The word lists are organized alphabetically just as they appear in a dictionary
  • The materials can be found on the Internet for free
  • We cannot upload our own word lists
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